Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bugsy... gifted too???

From all my reading on giftedness i know that siblings are generally close in IQ however i've never really felt that with my kids, well not until recently.  Flossy was so clearly different right from the start.  She was amazing and quirky at 18m.  Bugsy is completely different, he's a boy, LOL.

Flossy is clearly language inclined although she can hold her own in math too.  Bugsy is not language oriented at, all.  Just over two years ago he started getting into Lego and building and more recently has started to explode with it.  It wasn't until the last week that i realised that he has a STEM mind!  Where have i been?  Under a rock?!

I'm not sure why it took me SO long to wake up to myself LOL.  Perhaps i was secretly in denial hoping that he wouldn't be gifted too.  Perhaps with everything going on in my life it just didn't enter my mind.  Perhaps because it's through his play and not through his lessons that i have come to realise this and that is why i didn't notice earlier.

So, this week i have been busy looking at STEM things that might interest him.  We pulled out the Snap Circuits and i have given him free range and he has built some great designs.  We already encourage Lego and i've been looking at Lego WeDo and Lego Mindstorms for next year.  We've downloaded and started using Scratch and he's spent hours having fun with that.  He also has a knack with logic puzzles and games which he already has access to on his iTouch.  I'm not sure what else we will get up to, but i can see it will be fun.

Ironically, Bugsy and I are so similar.  I loved all things STEM as a kid.  I built a solar powered car from bits and pieces at age 11 and took it to school to show the class.  I wanted to be an engineer and went to women in engineering workshops at the local uni's.  In the end i never followed a STEM career, math makes your brain work, and everything else was much easier than that! LOL, i guess i was lazy, i had so much potential.


  1. Wow, your kids are the same as mine. Ruby tested as gifted last year, "quirky" from an early age... Sonny always appeared 'slow' compared to his sister, however people would commented on how inteligent he was...I never saw it. Someone recommended testing Sonny also and he too is gifted. Like Bugsy, all things STEM. I was going to blog about this but haven't due to the "stigma" attached to the term gifted. But I think I might now. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Your right April, there is plenty of 'stigma' attached to the label gifted. I would love to read what you have to say about your kids and your/their experience.

    1. Hi Amber,
      I'm in the middle of moving blog homes at the moment, but this topic is one on the top of my 'to blog about' list :)


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