Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tutorial - Dishwasher conversion from installed to portable

We used to have an installed dishwasher with independent plumbing and electrics. We moved house and now there is nowhere for the dishwasher to go so we have converted it to a portable dishwasher, here's how we did it.

From the back of the dishwasher you have two pipes, one for clean cold water and one for discharge water. At the end of the cold water pipe there is a fixed connection similar to a washing machine hose, we cut that connection off and in it's place we connected a snap on brass garden hose connector. The dishwasher hose is 10mm and the brass connection 12mm so we soaked the pipe in hot water to make it pliable then pushed it on to make it seal.

Next we altered the kitchen tap. On the end of the tap there is an aerator connected. We removed the aerator and then used a connection piece to screw into the end of the tap so that it would take a snap on hose connector.

After that we positioned the dishwasher so that it could reach the power and water, then connected it up turning the cold water on at the tap and making sure the discharge pipe was anchored in the sink.

Our remaining step which we are yet to complete is to fashion a skateboard for the dishwasher so that we can wheel it into position when needed and out of the way when we don't need it. We will use a piece of marine grade ply and some castors.

** Two serious things to remember **
1) This dishwasher is a tip hazard. As it is meant to be an installed dishwasher when you open the bottom draw all the way and it is loaded it will fall over.

2) As you are using garden fittings you need to monitor them for leakage. We applied thread tape to the kitchen tap as it wasn't a snug fit. Never turn this on and go out!

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  1. Hahaha, that sounds like something that would happen at our house!


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