Friday, April 6, 2012

STEM Stuff

Since coming to the realisation that i need to play to Bugsy's strengths and get him moving along the STEM path i've been looking for additional resources.  Here's what i've found and am either implementing now or looking to implement for our next school year.

Engineering is Elementary - this is set up for classroom use but could easily be adapted to the homeschool environment, you would just have to source your own supplies and not by the supply kit as it is 'class' sized.

Scratch - basic programming

Alice - more programming

Armadillo Run - physics based problem solving

World of Goo

Google Sketchup

Kids Ruby - programming to build games

Lego WeDo - robotics program can be used with Scratch

Lego Mindstorm - robotics program more advanced than WeDo

Book to go with Lego Mindstorm

Snap Circuits 750


Solar Car

Have you got any suggestions for me?


  1. Thanks for this list! Lots of things I haven't seen before. I'd love to get Engineering is Elementary, it looks really good... We have the Brainbox, which I think is similar to Snap Circuits, and it is a favourite. Oh, Klutz books are awesome! I actually have the Solar Car put aside to give as a gift :)

    1. I've been swooning over Engineering is Elementary since i found it... it just looks so good! Hope it lives up to expectations when we try it out next year. Glad to hear the Kluts books are good, we've use a few of the crafty ones so i thought we couldn't go wrong :)

  2. I'm drooling over Engineering is Elementary too. Their website doesn't seem to cater to overseas postage though. Sigh. Might need to contact them and do some groveling. I'm also wondering whether the teacher resource kit/folder is necessary or whether the storybooks (which seem to contain what they call a 'boiled down' version of the culminating hands on activity) would suffice. Might be a buy and try deal. One of my little men seems to be heading down an engineering type path so this would be perfect for him. Great find Amber. Thanks.

    1. I will e-mail and ask EiE when it's a bit closer to ordering time if they will send to Australia. Most companies will if you ask nicely :) But if you get stuck you can always use a mail forwarder like Shipito to get things to Australia :) I have used them before, very reliable and not too pricey.

      I'm thinking about getting a couple of the teacher kits just to see what they are all about and see if they are really needed.


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