Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another Busy Week

Another busy week here with more books completed!  If they keep up their pace they will sail through this years curriculum and well into next, eek!

Possum keeping himself busy while we do lessons.
The Tupperware cupboard is always more interesting than toys :)

I meant to include this work sample when Bugsy finished AAS1, but i forgot, oops!

Flossy & Bugsy busy building Snap Circuits which have featured heavily this week.

Bugsy & Flossy using Scratch for the first time, lots of fun!

Bugsy completed Explode the Code 3 1/2 and did a great job.  He is certainly more solid with silent e words the he was after finishing level 3.  He will move into 4 which we are loading onto the iPad, he's very excited.

Sample of Bugsy's work from the final pages of Explode the Code 3 1/2.

Flossy completed Life of Fred Apples 2 weeks ago and i forgot to take a pic.

This week she completed Life of Fred Butterflies.  This has all been review for Flossy but she is enjoying the story line.  I have to say that i feel Life of Fred is so light there is NO WAY it could be an entire curriculum without a significant amount of work from the parent/teacher.  In saying that we are enjoying it and will continue to use it as a fun, engaging supplement.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I have a few questions.
    Is there an app for ETC?
    What is 'Scatch'?
    I agree with you, LOF is a supplement. I can't see how it could be used as a entire maths curriculum... :)

    1. Hi April :-)
      There is no app for ETC. I just cut off the binding and scanned it as a PDF then loaded it into Notability so that we can write on it like you would paper. Means we can work on it anywhere, anytime.
      Scratch is programming software you can see/download here I've got a few more links i will share in the coming days :-)


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