Monday, April 2, 2012

Mini Math Monday

Today Chicky and I used dice to reinforce the relationship between c-rods and numbers.  We rolled 2 dice, found the corresponding rods, added them together then found the c-rod that matched their sum.  We only had one roll which added to over 10.  My aim was to stay within 10 but i'm always happy to walk my kids through concepts a little above their ability.

 Chicky deciding which c-rod she needs.

Chicky joining c-rods.  You can see the completed ones we left on the table.

What have you and your 'mini' been up to?  We would love to try out some of your living math ideas so please share :)



  1. I just stumbled onto your blog :-)

    Totally love your idea of Mini Math, fabulous!!

    I'm also an Australian Home Schooler with a my TM ;-)

    I would like to invite you to add your blog to the Aussie Home Schoolers Blog List -

  2. Welcome Kylie :-)

    Thankyou for the invite to join the blog list, off to take a look :-)

  3. My daughters adding the use of chopsticks into their c-rod play. Now, they are a staple of our lessons.

    1. Chopsticks, that's different. Off to take a look :-)


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