Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oreo Ice-cream Cake

I created an Oreo ice-cream cake.  I've never made an ice-cream cake before and had a brainwave whilst chatting to Bugsy about what kind of cake he might like.  He loved my suggestion so we went with that.  I've never seen this done before, but I've seen similar concepts, I just winged it :-)

First thing your going to need is a pudding bowl, or a similar plastic bowl.

Now depending on the size of your bowl and the number of people your planning to serve depends on the quantity of ingredients.

2-4 packets of classic Oreo biscuits (I used 2 packets)
2-4L vanilla ice-cream (I used 2L) either make your own or buy a nice creamy one
1 jumbo packet of Maltesers

First off you will need to line the bowl your going to use with glad wrap.  You need to do that do you can get your cake out later.

Put your ice-cream on the bench to soften.

Whilst the ice-cream is softening line the inside of your glad wrapped bowl with Oreo biscuits.

Tip the softened ice-cream into a large mixing bowl and add the jumbo pack of Maltesers.  Mix them through so they are dispersed somewhat evenly.  You don't want the ice-cream to be runny, just soft.

Now carefully put the ice-cream mix into the Oreo lined bowl.  Put a little in at a time and use a spatula or the back of a spoon to squash it down and smooth it off.

Fill the bowl up to the top of the Oreo lining then fold over the glad wrap overhang to completely cover the top and put the entire thing into the freezer.

I recommend leaving the cake to firm up overnight.

When your ready open the glad wrap covering the top, which is going to become the base.  Carefully tip it out onto a plate and remove the rest of the glad wrap.  Leave it to soften  on the bench for a few minutes, probably 20 mins depending how hot the room is. 

Enjoy :-)

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