Thursday, April 26, 2012

What will tomorrow bring?

Yesterday Bugsy taught himself to ride his bike.  Today Possum taught himself to drink out of a straw.  What will tomorrow bring?

Bugsy's bike has been out of action for quite sometime with a flat tyre.  Rusty fixed it a couple of weeks ago and Bugsy immediately wanted the trainer wheels off.  He's been scooting around for a week or so after i showed him how and had Rusty lower the seat.  Yesterday we we down to the park in the afternoon and Bugsy bought his bike.  He was scooting along when Rusty suggested that he might try and pedal if he liked.  So he tried and off he went!  He was so very proud of himself and Rusty and I were pretty proud too.

Today all the kids were playing together when i hear Flossy saying, "He's drinking it!"  I was thinking "What?!"  Off i dash to find that Possum had picked up Bugsy's drink bottle and was drinking from the straw.  He's never drank from a straw before, he's always bitten it.  He drank lots of water then had a hissy fit when it was empty and taken away.  This is a massive achievement and means that we can look for a straw cup for him and perhaps introduce some protein packed smoothies to help with his non existent weight gain.  Hopefully he will enjoy them.

So, i wonder, what is install for us tomorrow =)

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