A 'hot topic' in homeschool circles, "What are you using?"  Here is a breakdown of the curriculum we are  currently using.  Please note that this page is updated once the children move up levels in different programs.  You can see the overview for our current year here.

Flossy ~ 7 3/4 years old

Bugsy ~ 6

Chicky ~ 4.5

Possum ~ 18m



  1. I can't wait to spend some more time reading your blog. Looks like our kids are doing a lot of the same (and similar) things curricula-wise.

  2. Thanks for posting this. It's always good to see what other people are using. I'm only officially homeschooling my 10yo ds1 at the moment, but ds3 (nearly 4) is getting very interested in reading letters and numbers, and I keep wondering about pulling ds2 (7yo) out of school! Dd (9m) has just started signing. Do you go to classes with Possum or just do it at home?

    1. You sound as busy as me although i am glad i am not juggling kids at school and at home. Wonderful that your little one is signing. We don't go to classes as such but we do have speech therapy sessions where we focus on new signs. We are still waiting for Possum to sign to us, but we are waiting for him to talk too. It will come in time :)


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