Thursday, April 12, 2012

Impromptu Nature Study

We were out for a walk when the kids noticed the flame trees which line our local park were dropping their seed pods. On closer inspection we found some green ones, some opening still with seeds inside and some which had obviously been there quite sometime as they were hard and dry. It prompted a great discussion.

Here are some other goodies the kids picked up.


Don't you love it when educational opportunities pop up out of nowhere!  We were only going for a walk .

The following day on another walk around the same local park, but taking a different path, the kids again picked up some seed pods.  These ones are from a native tree.  The seeds were so thick on the ground the kids could scoop handfuls!  More discussion ensued.  When we stood quietly we could hear the seeds fall to the ground.  Here are some pics of our treasures.

There was lots of discussion about these last two pics as the kids realised that there were lots of seed pods clustered together.

Maybe i will remember to take my camera next time we head out for a 'walk'.


  1. Woohoo, thank-you. My car's dashboard has the spikey seed pods from your first photos, which were picked up by my children 3 years ago. I had still not got around to investigating the names of the trees. I had thought they were lovely trees and had intended to investigate planting at least one in our yard.

    1. Some people also call them Liquid Amber's because of their sap. They can grow very large and you don't want to plant one near a house or building as the root systems will destroy the foundations. They are a beautiful tree :-)


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