Sunday, January 8, 2012

1 Year Ago Possum Came Home

One year ago today I walked out of the big children's hospital with my baby boy.  He was still a tiny baby, just 2.7kg.

This isn't his homecoming pic.  It was taken 2 days before discharge when he was 
transferred between hospitals but shows how tiny he was in the baby capsule.

His 100 day NICU roller coaster was over.  He had made it!  It was a VERY emotional time.  On the drive home I stopped several time and what is a 2 hour trip turned into an almost 4 hour journey.  I didn't have the radio on, i was listening for every little noise he made to reassure me he was OK.

My little Possum had already come such along way.  Born at 25 weeks weighing just 875g with legs skinnier than my index finger and paper thin skin, no one could predict if he would ever make it home.

 This isn't great quality, it's a picture of a picture.  The original was given to me by the nursing staff, taken just 4 hours after Possum was born.  It was the first time i had seen all of him, he was whisked away so quickly after he was born, and i was unable to visit NICU during those first post op hours.  I remember thinking how perfect he was despite all of the wires, probes, tubes etc.  It was a lovely gesture and a picture i have treasured.

What an amazing year we have had with Possum home.  It hasn't been without drama, his heart surgery was another scary time!  Fortunately we escaped the flu season with only one hospital admission, so only two admissions for the year.  Our friends and family have been wonderful in this regard, understanding just how fragile Possum's health is and making sure we cancel gatherings if anyone is unwell.  I believe this has made a significant impact on Possum's ongoing health and strength.

Look at him now!  Who would think such a strong little one had had such a rough start to life.  I am continuously amazed by his strength, determination and courage.

At 15.5m actual, 12m corrected Possum -
has 4 teeth, 2 up, 2 down
can roll, crawl and pull up to stand
can walk holding his trolley (follow the link for a You Tube clip)
babbles LOTS
is still on nocturnal oxygen which will hopefully cease in February
has been cleared of pulmonary hypertension
has no ongoing heart concerns
happily feeds himself finger foods
has just learnt to drink from a sippy cup
still breastfeeds about 6 times in 24 hours
is approx 9kg (will be weighed on the 13th)
loves to splash in the bath

Today, we celebrate!  Where there is life there is hope.

Amber xxx


  1. Wow! How incredible! He looks wonderful!

  2. So happy for you and your little one! My premmies are now 12 years old and doing wonderfully!

  3. Wonderful story, thanks for sharing.

    My almost 12-year-old son was a 30-week preemie and now he is taller than me. He still has some minor issues, but homeschooling allowed me to focus on them when he was young (PT, OT, Speech, and manual therapy on his hips).


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