Monday, January 9, 2012

Menu Plan 9 Jan

We had a few hits and misses last week with the new recipes.

The GF & DF pancakes we tried were, um, unpleasant, texture was fine but they were completely overpowered by the almond extract.  The only person to finish their serve was Rusty and that isn't saying much, he will eat anything!

The Indulgent Granola was a hit!  It was YUM, YUM, YUM!!  Not only did it feature for breakfast with yogurt but Rusty and I snuck some with homemade ice-cream for dessert one night :-)

The GF & DF Blueberry Muffins received mixed reviews.  Flossy, Bugsy & Chicky decided they didn't much care for blueberries after all.  Rusty, Possum and I thoroughly enjoyed them.  I did change the recipe a little to suit us and what i had on hand, switched almond meal for buckwheat flour, backed the sugar off, used rice milk instead of water.

A few of the evening meals got bumped again as we had things come up.

This week is Bugsy's Birthday!  So he will be choosing what we eat that day.  I'm not going to bother listing what we are eating for lunch, it isn't very exciting, sandwiches, scrolls, leftovers, fruit or some combination of those.  Here is what's cooking this week.

Breakfast - Fruit toast (EDC hot cross buns, but as a loaf) with TMX smoothies
Dinner - GF sausages with roast potatoes and steamed veggies

Tuesday - Bugsy's 6th Birthday
Breakfast - TMX rice porridge
Dinner - Homemade Pizza with homemade garlic bread (TMX pizza dough & bread dough) & Birthday cake

Breakfast - Cold cereal

Breakfast - TMX porridge
Dinner - GF rissoles with TMX GF & DF green potato rosti and steamed veggies
Pantry - Indulgent granola

Breakfast - Cold cereal, heading to the city.
Dinner - Pick something up in the city.

Breakfast - Granola & yogurt
Dinner - Vegetable cous-cous with cabbage noodles

Hitting the road and heading away for a holiday.  Wont be posting a menu plan next week, see you when we get back :)

Amber xxx


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