Saturday, January 7, 2012

Precious Beads for Miracle Baby Mums

I stumbled across Peek-a-boo ICU on Facebook recently.  I'm not even sure how i came across them but i'm glad i did.  After i liked the page one of the first things to pop into my news feed from them was a beautiful bead, you know, like the Pandora ones, but it what a Micro Prem Bead!  I followed the link a little confused and what did i find...

an entire range of beads and bracelets/necklaces dedicated to babies who have been through NICU!  They are just beautiful, each bead representing something different and unique to those who have been there.

I could not help myself, my cart was loaded up quick smart and the order placed.  I must add that i loaded up my wish list too as a few of the beads that i wanted were out of stock.  I'm anxiously awaiting it's arrival, hopefully before i go on holidays at the end of next week so i can post a pic :)  I was too excited to wait until it arrived to share with you.  Mum's of miracle babies, make sure you check them out!

PS - i did have a small glitch checking out but once i e-mailed their customer service it was taken care of quick smart and my parcel posted the following morning.


  1. In my exceitement I forgot to mention that they have FREE shipping worldwide! If you encounter a problem checking out like did, just load your cart with what you want and email them and they will sort it out for you. They are VERY helpful :-)

  2. Thanks for the link--these are awesome!


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