Thursday, January 26, 2012

No Avoiding Converting DVD's :(

We are back from holidays!  Lots of blog posts to come!  Tried to get this out before we left but it didn't happen.  Nevermind, here it is :)

Further to my previous post here I have encountered various issues attempting to transfer DVD files in their native format to GoodPlayer to be played.  I had hoped that GoodPlayer would be the answer, but sadly it isn't :(  It seems there is no choice but to CONVERT the files.

On the up side GoodPlayer does an awesome job of dealing with downloaded content from youTube.

Here are some good links to read through which tell you exactly what to do to get a DVD from the disc onto your iPad.

How to Play DVDs in an iPad, iPhone or iPod

Play DVD on iPad

Essentially their information is the same.  Download an open source program called Handbrake, which is free, download VLC media player, again free, then convert and transfer through iTunes.

I tried it out and it worked like a dream on my Mac.  I've converted several movies now and have them on the iPad and iTouches.  Whilst on holidays i tried it out for my friend on her PC and sadly we couldn't get it to work at all :(

Just so you know, you can now purchase DVD's which have various file formats which don't require conversion.  It will say so on the back of the DVD.

Hope that helps

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