Monday, January 2, 2012

Menu Plan 2 Jan

We had a very busy week last week catching up with friends impromptu so i didn't get to cook much of what was on my list.  Not to worry it will feature on the menu this week :)

If you didn't see the update on Possum his poor tummy is struggling so he is going wheat and dairy free, again.  I will be trying out a bunch of recipes for him and use my TMX where possible.

Breakfast - GF & DF Pancakes - new recipe
Lunch - Pizza scrolls (TMX white bread recipe)
Dinner - BBQ rissoles with TMX mashed potatoes & steamed veggies
Pantry/fridge/freezer - TMX Fruit loaf

Breakfast - Fruit toast with TMX smoothies
Dinner Prep - TMX rice
Lunch - Pick n Mix
Dinner - Chinese style fried rice with spring rolls and sweet & sour sauce
Pantry/fridge/freezer - Indulgent granola - didn't get to try it out last week & TMX GF & DF green potato rosti (recipe to come)

Breakfast - Granola & yogurt
Dinner prep - TMX potatoes & eggs for salad
Lunch - Ham & cheese scrolls (TMX white bread recipe)
Dinner - Home made chicken nuggets with potato salad and GF & DF zucchini fritters
Pantry/fridge/freezer - GF & DF vanilla cupcakes probably do choc icing instead - new recipe

Breakfast - TMX rice porridge
Lunch - Pick n Mix
Dinner - TMX spaghetti & meatballs
Pantry/fridge/freezer - TMX white bread

Breakfast - Cold cereal
Lunch - Sandwiches
Dinner - Home made sausage rolls (TMX filling)
Pantry/fridge/freezer - TMX sorbet

Breakfast - GF & DF Blueberry Muffins - new recipe
Lunch - Pick n Mix
Dinner - Tacos

Breakfast - TMX porridge
Lunch - Pizza scrolls (TMX white bread recipe)
Dinner - BBQ GF sausages & salad

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