Thursday, January 12, 2012


A while ago i briefly put this up on my blog to remind me to come back to it for 2012.  Well, i've been busy today and we have BUILD sorted at our place.  If your not sure what i am on about you can look here and here which is where i pinched the idea :-)

So, what will BUILD stand for at our house?

B - Buddy Games
U - Using Manipulatives
I - Independent Work (Logic)
L - Learning About Numbers
D - Developing Strategies

You can see, i have tweaked the titles to work with what i want to cover.  We will still have our normal math sessions each day, the BUILD boxes will be in addition.  We will only be covering 1 box each day cycling through.

BUILD set up ontop of our workboxes.

So, what's in the boxes? (OK they are not actually all boxes yet, but that's the plan)

B - Buddy Games
Dice in boxes, playing cards, UNO, craft sticks, Rightstart skip counting envelopes, playing cards, hand cards, craft stick cards, square cards.

U - Using Manipulatives
Flashmaster, cuisinaire rods, counting bears, Rightstart abacus, fraction cards and tiles, clock cards.

I - Independent Work - Logic
Critical thinking activities, Lollipop Logic, Logic Safari, Analogies for Beginners, 10 minute brain workout, Primary Logic, Logic Countdown.

L - Learning About Numbers
Life of Fred, The Adventures of Penrose the Mathematical Cat.

D - Developing Strategies
Sort n Shapes, Castle Logix, Pirates hide & seak,  Lokukus, IQ puzzler, IQ cabin.

Of course putting everything in boxes and getting organised creates a wish list :-)  On my wish list is -
Geared clock
Wooden fraction tiles
Australian money
Times Tales DVD & flip book
Geoboards & lackies
More 'Smart Games'
More 'living' math books

Hopefully you can use these ideas to change things up in your homeschool.

Amber xxx


  1. Fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing. Really helpful to see how you're setting it up.

  2. And really great to see the various maths ideas you have for in the boxes. I've never heard of ANY of those games.


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