Thursday, March 8, 2012

AAS Level 4 - Done & Dusted

Flossy screamed through Level 4 of All About Spelling.  I really dropped the ball with this one last year.  The first half of the year i was swamped with Possum and the second half of the year i just couldn't get our days to flow nicely enough to have time consistently, to get this done.  This year it's all changed and we are working on AAS EVERY day!

I expect that we will scream through Level 5 which we are starting tomorrow and i am waiting until Level 7 is out before i order Level's 6 & 7.  We could be done with AAS by the end of the year!  After that ... well, I'm considering a few options - Bravewriter's Arrow and Simply Charlotte Mason's Spelling Wisdom are at the top of my list.  I will definitely be going with a dictation style program I'm just not sure which yet.  If you've used either of these programs, or another dictation program i'd love to hear what you think of them.

Amber xx


  1. My kids are moving through AAS quickly. We love using the program but I have no idea where to go afterwards. I have Book 1 of Simply CM Spelling. I tried using it with my son 2 years ago and he didn't like it, that's when we switched to AAS. Maybe he just wasn't ready for it... I'll be interested to know where you decide to go from here :)

  2. We use Spelling Wisdom. It is traditional CM, and we like it here.


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