Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Flossy's Writing

Flossy started Institute for Excellence in Writing, Student Writing Intensive - A this year.  She watched the first lesson on the DVD and i have to say she didn't think much of it, but her impression changed after watching the second lesson.  She actually said to me today, "Mum, one day can i be in one of his writing classes?"  This from a child who didn't like to write just a few months ago!

We are still right at the beginning of the program and so far i have been very impressed with the quality of work Flossy is producing.  Here is a sample of her work from this past week.

This is the passage provided by IEW.  Flossy has circled words for her outline.

Flossy's outline.

Flossy's draft.  All red writing is from editing, the passage was edited together.

The final product.  Flossy typed this up on the computer herself and we added the picture together.

I really look forward to seeing how she progresses with the program.  I think she has started strongly and at the pace we are taking the program it is not overwhelming at all.

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