Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bugsy Conquers Level 4

He's just completed Level 4 of the I See Sam Readers and feeling VERY proud of himself, and so he should!  He has been working hard on reading for a while.  He's really blossomed through this level and is picking up picture books and trying to read them and has recently found Zac Power and is really enjoying them.  OK, I know Zac Power is twaddle but sometimes it's OK to go there if your igniting the passion.  Well, i think it is anyway.  He's reading them aloud and he still needs quite a bit of help but he actually wants to read in his own time as opposed to just reading when i ask him too for 'school'.

I'm looking for some more 'boy' readers.  Got any suggestions for me?  I'm going to check out Henry & Mudge and we've got a few Magic Tree House books but i don't think he's ready for those yet.

Amber xx

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