Thursday, March 15, 2012

2 Big Days for Possum

DAY 1 - Possum's First Haircut

Possum had his very first haircut today and went from this .....

OK, this one was taken a few weeks ago but you get the idea.

to this :-)

Sorry for the grubby face.  The tape leaves a 
nasty residue which seems to last for days :(

He was very brave, no tears at all and he didn't seem to mind the noise of the clippers.  We did Bugsy's hair first so we could gauge if he was going to meltdown with the noise but he was fine.  It was easiest not to try and hold him still but to let him down standing at the edge of the bath.  It's one of his favorite places to be!  He was well rewarded with a bath afterward to get rid of all the little bits of hair stuck to him.

My boys sporting new haircuts.

DAY 2 - Oxygen Therapy to be Ceased Immediately

That is what the respiratory pediatrician said to me today at Possum's review.  Wow!!  Way to go Possum!  He's been so busy growing and getting stronger since his heart surgery which happened to be 1 year ago today.

In February we had a sleep study and the results said that Possum maintained a mean oxygen saturation of 97% overnight with the lowest recording being 91%.  This is amazing considering during his first study his mean was 91%.  He had 50 episodes of central apnoea but the longest episode was only 8.6 seconds so they are not of any concern, and very normal in children who were born as early as Possum was.

It's very exciting.  Hopefully Possum will adjust well and begin to sleep better at night not having the cannular to deal with and oxygen blowing up his nose.

The Dr was quick to point out that this year will be very testing on Possum's overall health.  He will not receive the RSV jabs this winter, nor will he have the respite of oxygen at night.  We will need to remain vigilant about only socializing with healthy people and avoiding crowds over the winter months.  A small price to pay to keep my little boy healthy.  I'm so glad that we homeschool and don't have to deal with all the classroom bugs!


  1. Yay for Possum! And the rest of you too!

  2. Yay:-)

    We're healthy:-) And Puggle (looking over my shoulder:-) ) asked when we could see you guys:-)


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