Saturday, December 10, 2011

Menu Plan 10 Dec

We've got a VERY busy week ahead of us with several trips to the city scheduled along with several other appointments in town.

Breakfast - TMX pancakes
Lunch - Cold meat & salad sandwiches
Dinner - Kebabs with TMX rice & steamed vegies
Pantry/Fridge/Freezer - TMX Beef and vegetable puree for Possum

Breakfast - TMX rice porridge
Lunch - Sandwiches (heading to the city)
Dinner - BBQ with the inlaws at their retirement village kids Christmas party in the city

Breakfast - Fruit salad & yogurt
Lunch - Sandwiches
Dinner - Tacos
Pantry/Fridge/Freezer - TMX choc custard

Breakfast - Cereal (quick & easy, heading to the city)
Lunch & Dinner out in the city

Breakfast - Cereal (quick & easy, heading to swimming), dinner prep cook rice (TMX) and refrigerate
Lunch - Fruit plate & crumbed fish
Dinner - Chinese style fried rice with spring rolls and sweet & sour sauce

Breakfast - Fruit smoothies (TMX) with toast, dinner prep cook potatoes (TMX) and refrigerate
Lunch - Sandwiches
Dinner - Tuna patties & steamed veggies

Breakfast - Cereal (quick & easy, heading to the city)
Lunch & Dinner out in the city

Breakfast - TMX Pancakes
Lunch - crackers, dip (TMX hummus), fruit
Dinner - TMX Chicken & vegetable pie (new recipe)

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  1. Hi Amber, I only just saw your menu plan - thank you so much for linking up to Thermomix Menu Plans!! I hope you'll come link up again this week :) Looking forward to exploring your blog - looks great!
    Jo xx


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