Saturday, December 17, 2011

Menu Plan 18 Dec

Inspired by Jo at Quirky Cooking I'm sharing my menu plans too.  Not nearly as creative or inspirational, but helps me keep my week on track and shop for what we need so it limits wastage!

Breakfast - Fruit scones with jam (TMX butter & flour for mix)
Lunch - Crumbed fish & fruit platter
Dinner - Sausage sizzle

Breakfast - Cereal quick easy, another trip to the city
Lunch & Dinner - will pick up something in the city

Breakfast - TMX porridge & make TMX fruit loaf (EDC Hot Cross Bun recipe) to take on a playdate for afternoon tea
Lunch - Sandwiches
Dinner - Rissoles & TMX steamed veggies

Breakfast - TMX smoothies & toast
Lunch - Corn chips, salsa & fruit platter
Dinner - TMX spaghetti & meatballs AIO meal (new recipe for us)

Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Sandwiches
Dinner - Tacos

Breakfast - Cereal, quick & easy, heading to my parents place for Christmas!  Won't be cooking until we get home.

Christmas Day!

Boxing Day!


  1. Oh, thanks so much for linking up, Amber!! I hope you enjoy that meatball recipe - we make ours like that too - I love how it all cooks at once in Thermie :) Have a great week and a very special Christmas!
    Jo :)

  2. Obviously no one read very carefully, including me, i am a day out! Christmas Day is actually Sunday, lucky i have enough food around to feed us on Friday!


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