Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Road Less Travelled

Once upon a time to have an intolerance to food was almost unheard of, now however everyone you speak to is avoiding something for some reason or another.  I'm not trying to make a joke of this, i know it's serious, i just find it interesting the way the 'food world' is changing.  The road less travelled is now the well beaten track soon to be the superhighway i'm sure.

For me personally i have avoided pork in any form other than ham or bacon for years.  It upsets my tummy and i spend the night on the loo.  For some reason the curing process in making ham or bacon changes the proteins enough for me and i can deal with it.  I also now avoid fresh pineapple after having several tingly mouth, itchy tongue episodes within minutes of eating fresh pineapple.  I'm terrified of anaphylaxis!  That's such a shame because fresh pineapple is YUM!  Again i can eat tinned pineapple because there is something in the canning process that changes the proteins enough to be tolerable.

BUT, i digress.  The real reason for my post is Possum.  After much trial and error with his foods and meds it would appear that the poor poppet is very sensitive to wheat and dairy.  Eating either of these causes constipation, restless nights, frequent night waking and nursing for comfort, tummy pain and screaming episodes lasting up to 3 hours mostly at bedtime or in the middle of the night.  So we have decided that until further notice we will be going wheat and dairy free for Possum.

We are meeting with Possum's paediatrician in January and i am hoping that he will finally take me seriously and send us off the the gastroenterologist, allergist and dietician.  Last time he brushed it off and to be honest i wasn't sure exactly what we were dealing with.  I was hoping it was just an adjustment phase to eating real foods.  Looks like i was wrong.  I'm still holding out hope that his gut is just immature and that he will eventually be able to eat wheat and dairy, but in the meantime i'm looking up and cooking lots of new recipes!


  1. I saw mention of quinoa bread recently. I couldn't afford to buy the cookbook, but I did note there was a vegan recipe, so there's something to check out. It looked far too crumbly for sandwiches, but your Possum would be able to eat it! Let me know if you find a good recipe before I do. :P I've been meaning to follow up the lead and haven't got to it yet...

  2. Thanks Rosie. I imagine the quinoa would make it quite nutty. I was thinking of skipping traditional bread altogether and going with GF banana bread and GF flat breads once he is a bit bigger. I'm also hoping that he may tolerate spelt in which case i've got a couple of recipes to try but we are a way off experimenting there yet. Need his poor tummy to recover for the time being.


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