Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Last Swimming Lesson for 2011

Today Flossy & Bugsy had their last swimming lesson for 2011.  Chicky would normally participate too but she had broken out in hives from an unknown cause (possibly nuts) so she stayed out of the pool.

The children have all come such a long way this year.  Their confidence has grown and they are loving their lessons.  Their teacher has been unreal, knowing when to push their comfort zones and when to back  off too.

Flossy passed level 4 and will enrol in level 5 for next year.  Bugsy remains in level 3 which is fine.  Level 3 is a hard one and he only moved up this term.  Chicky has progressed from Kindy beginners into Kindy intermediate which has taken a long time but she is finally there and happy to get in the pool, a big change from the beginning of the year.

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