Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Traditions

Does your family have any specific Christmas Traditions?  Rusty inadvertently created a beautiful Christmas Tradition for our family and i'd like to share :)

In the lead up to our very first Christmas together Rusty and I discussed gift giving and decided that we would not give each other anything that year.  We were saving for a deposit on a house, our wedding and a trip to Europe.  We were both quite happy to be putting our money towards these things than buying a gift at Christmas just for the sake of it.  However, unbeknown to me Rusty did buy me something for Christmas.  He purchased our very first Christmas ornament, a Swarovski Christmas Star.  I had never seen anything like it, it was just beautiful!

We discussed and made a decision that from that moment on every Christmas we would purchase a Swarovski Christmas Star and if they stopped making them we would find something of equal weight.  We also decided that on our travels we would collect Christmas ornaments to remind us of all of the places we had visited.  It is our hope that our ornaments will be passed on to our children and their children and so on, creating a treasured set of family heirlooms.

This year we are hanging our 10th Swarovski Christmas Star on our tree :)

Here are some of our precious ornaments.

2010 Swarovski Christmas Star

Hand blown Mickey Mouse from Disneyland, Paris. 

2008 Swarovski Christmas Star

Teddy Bear with snow globe Eiffel Tower from Paris.

Hand blown glass orchid from Singapore.

Queens Carriage from The Tower of London, England.

 Cow bell from Geneva, Switzerland.

2009 Swarovski Christmas Star

Hand blown glass crayfish from Busselton, Australia.

2004 Swarovski Christmas Star

The children also each have their own birth bauble which has their name and date of birth.

Here is a pic of our tree.

We'd love to hear what your Christmas Traditions are :)


  1. Those are beautiful stars! We also buy ornaments whenever we travel. We also have a new ornament (that we buy or make) for each child each year. We plan to pass them on to our children when they have their own home. Each of these ornaments are marked with their names and the year.

  2. Thanks for sharing your family tradition :) It make it just that little bit more special i think.


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