Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekly Report 8/5 - 14/5


Together -
Field trip to explore two nearby towns

Together -
Cooking, granola and patty cakes

Flossy -
Completed MO C-3 & C-4
Completed AAS2 S22
Completed WWE1 W9 D1 & 2

Bugsy -
Completed MO C-4
Completed L44 100EZ
Worked on AAS1 S6 4 words

Chicky -
Drew a picture

Together -
Listened to SSL C1 songs
Read aloud 'The King and His Hawk' The Childrens Book of Virtues
Read aloud Captain Skilly's Trawler
Read aloud Grandpa and Thomas and the green umbrella
Real aloud Pete's a Pizza
Read aloud part of Blinky Bill
Watercolour painting

Flossy -
Completed MO C-5 through C-11
Completed 1/2 AAS2 S23
Completed WWE1 W9 D3 & 4
Read aloud Pompeii... buried alive
Worked on Human Body project display

Bugsy -
Completed MO C-5

Chicky -
Worked with phonograms on the AAS board
Drew a picture

We had the rest of the week off to attend Dr appointments and catch up with friends.

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