Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Currently loving Miquon

Yesterday morning I was woken by Flossy who was standing beside the bed asking, "Mum what do I do on this page?" She had her Miquon book and was keen to get started, it was 7am!

Flossy and Bugsy are loving Miquon! Bugsy is seeing it as a real challenge, a puzzle that needs solving and he is rising to the occasion. That isn't surprising as he loves puzzles like RushHour.

Bugsy working on making 9.

Flossy working on making 7.

Flossy on the other hand. She has been anti maths and numbers for a while. We have been using a variety of programs to try and keep things fresh and try to pique her interest. So far it has failed. She is VERY good at maths but doesn't like to apply herself, she wants it to come easy like other things. Some gifted kids are like that, they like the things they are good at which come easy to them and challenge the things that are more difficult even though they are very capable. However Miquon seems to have caught her attention and in the main she is enjoying it and actually asking to do it, woohoo!

She said to me the other day, "You know why I like Miquon Mum? Because it's fun, easy and it gives me examples to work with. I just love it!"

Working together.

We will be sticking with Miquon for the foreseeable future :) and might look to add some Singapore too as they seem to complement each other nicely.

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