Friday, May 7, 2010

Snap Shot - What our days look like

Since the move our days have fallen into a fairly good rhythm. Here is what our days look like -

Around 7am everyone is up, we all wake naturally, have breakfast, get dressed and do morning chores, making beds, emptying the dishwasher, tidying up etc.

By about 9am we are ready to get started with schoolwork. For Flossy and Bugsy that is typically math and language arts. Chicky joins in where she wants to.

Generally we are finished by 11am then the kids head outside for a play and I have a cuppa and check the e-mails etc then make the lunch.

12noon is lunchtime and most days we enjoy a story over lunch.

About 12.30pm we head off with the dog for our walk which is around a nearby park and involves a short play on the equipment.

We are back by 1pm and the kids then have quiet time in their rooms. Flossy reads her history and science books, Bugsy looks at books and plays quietly and Chicky naps. I use this time for washing, baking, early prep on dinner, phone calls and sometimes book reading or the internet.

By 2.30pm the big kids are up and by 3pm Chicky is up too then it is time for afternoon tea.

Once afternoon tea is over sometimes we head out to the library or shops depends what needs doing otherwise the kids just play and play.

Dinner prep begins around 5.30pm and Rusty is normally home by 6.15pm just in time to sit down with us for dinner.

After dinner the kids are into the bath with Rusty while I clear away the kitchen.

Then most evenings we cuddle up on the couch for the final half hour or so before bed at 7.30pm for the kids.

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