Friday, April 23, 2010

Rich Hot Chocolate

This is a tried and true recipe for Rich Hot Chocolate. I enjoy one in the evening because coffee at that time has me up all night!

1 cup cocoa powder
1 cup sugar
1 cup malted milk powder

Combine well and store in an air tight container. Depending on the sugar you choose to use there may be some settling so a shake before using wont hurt.

To use place a slightly heaped dessert spoonful into a large mug. Fill the mug about 1/3 with milk and top up with boiling water.


  1. That is not rich hot chocolate, that is a mere cocoa. If you want rich hot chocolate, and Rich won't mind me sharing, you need to melt a block of Cadbury dark cooking chocolate in three cups of water with a cinnamon stick and a pinch of chilli. It's even better if you can leave the cinnamon stick in the water to steep for a few hours before you make it up. The best, I tell you!

  2. I think that would knock your socks off! Mine is plenty rich enough for me :-)


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