Friday, April 9, 2010

Loving Kindness

I have recently joined the Be a Beacon program ran by Melissa Neilson from A Little Garden Flower and I am loving her downloadable radio shows!

It has really made me think about myself, my attitude and the impact I have on my family (and this is just the beginning). The old saying "If Mumma isn't happy, no one is happy" is so true. I am going to Be a Beacon for my family :)

Something in Melissa's show about Homemaking v Housekeeping really resonated with me. She was discussing that she felt houses have spirits who impact on the chaos in our lives and homes. I was talking with Flossy about it later and we agreed that the fairy spirit that lives in our house mustn't be very happy and that the spirit at the new house would be happy. Especially if we exercise our 'loving kindness' in everything we do for the house. So when we clean and packaway we should do these tasks with 'loving kindness'.

Moving further than that when we are interacting with others we should exercise our 'loving kindness'. Bugsy caught on to this new concept, 'loving kindness' and he has been a real sweetheart! "Mum, I opened your door with loving kindness", "Mum, I tried to eat all my dinner even though I didn't like it because I know someone made it with loving kindness."

So maybe next time you are feeling annoyed about having to do something for someone else you can take a moment to reflect and do that task with 'loving kindness', I know I will be :)

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