Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back to school

Today we went back to school, metaphorically ofcourse :-)

Since we have had such a big break with our holiday to Kambalda and then all our prep for the move I thought it only fitting to ease back into it on Rusty's first day back to work since the move.

Here is what we completed in under 2 hours -

Together we jumped our way to 100.
Flossy & Bugsy completed 1 page of Miquon each.
Flossy completed 1 page of Kumon word problems.
Busgy completed 1 lesson from Reading Eggs.
Flossy reviewed all of the charts for 1 - 10 from Professor B.
Flossy completed 2 lessons from MEP.
Together we played a round of 3 player Addition War.
Flossy read some from Wanderings of Odysseus.
Bugsy completed 1 lesson from 100 Easy Lessons.

Yes, it was my intention to be maths heavy today :)

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