Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sewing for Chicky

About a month ago i joined Pinterest.  Wow!  I quickly started following a few people i know and some of the things they were pinning were cute.  Especially the little girl dresses!  I have not sewn for quite some time.  I really burnt myself out on a sewing project a while back and put everything away and have not been inspired since.  Which to be honest is a real shame because i do really enjoy sewing.  Seeing all these cute dresses was exactly what i needed to get inspired and motivated again.

I sent Rusty out to Bunnings to pick me up a cheap trestle table so that i had somewhere to sew.  Then i set up the overlocker and sewing machine.  Off we went to Spotlight and both Chicky and Flossy picked out some cute fabrics.  I just bought what i thought because i didn't have a pattern in mind just yet, but i was thinking of a pillowcase dress for Chicky similar to this one.

For Christmas Chicky received an Australian Girl Doll Emily and i knew that you could get patterns for American Girl dolls and matching dresses for their bigger friends so off i went looking.  I found this pattern.

For the most part this pattern was great.  I made Emily's dress first and found a couple of things to do differently, like cut the arm holes before overlocking the side seam so that you don't cut through your stitching.  Can you tell i have not sewn for a while LOL, you'd think i would have automatically realised that was a problem when reading through the pattern instructions.

The only other issue is that i feel the pattern runs large.  I made Chicky the 5T.  Whilst she is 4 and wearing size 4 i was sewing the dress so that it would fit for next summer.  It really is too big.  In all honesty it is probably closer to what i would call a size 6.  I tried it on Flossy and it was a little small but she is wearing 7 & 8's.

Chicky modelling her new dress.

Emily & Chicky in their matching dresses.  Cute!

Flossy in Chicky's dress.  If the arm holes were a little larger it would fit her pretty well.

Bottom line is - the dress is lovely.  The pattern is pretty good.  I will sew another of these dresses however i will be sure to adjust the size :)

Happy sewing


  1. How lovely to see you sewing. I spent a fair part of my day declutting my material stash and am longing to be able to actually sew something.
    Are your girls into it yet?

  2. Flossy would love to start sewing and will soon. At the moment we've been working more on hand sewing.


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