Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bugsy finishes his HWOT book

Bugsy has been working hard on this book since the start of the year and he has completed it!  It was meant as a confidence builder and I think it has worked well.  He struggles to remember some letter formations, d, b and p are the ones he gets stuck on mostly.  I think he just forgets whether to start with the line or the circle part.  He struggles with 3, 7 and 9 too but since starting and working through the book his errors have come down and he has gained some confidence.

Bugsy proudly showing off his completed book.

A sample of Bugsy's writing from near the end of the book.

We have charged straight into the next book with the hopes of completing it almost as quickly.  Once he is finished with that we will move on to traditional copy work.  I am confident by the end of the new book he will have all his formation down pat.

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