Friday, February 17, 2012


We had an absolutely amazing time in Esperance in January visiting our family and friends!  The pictures would have come much sooner but we've been having problems with our ISP.  We've just changed to a new ISP so fingers crossed the problems are behind us.  Enjoy!

Bugsy, Flossy, Chicky, Possum and their Great Nana. 

Chicky, Miss H, Bugsy, Miss G, Flossy & Mr L on the back of the ute going fishing. 

Mrs L looking at the painting done by my Great Grandmother of Esperance bay which is hanging in the Esperance Museum.  This painting was painted directly onto the wall of my Great Grandmothers house so that she could see the sea from her bed.

Me, Bugsy and the baby Aussie salmon which Bugsy caught off the tanker jetty.  We put it back right after the photo and it happily swam away.

Chinese for dinner.  Me, Possum, Bugsy, Miss H, Chicky, Flossy & Miss G.  Everyone was very well behaved and the food was lovely!

 Me and Possum.  This was the first time Possum had been in a pool!  He loved it!

 Bugsy enjoying the pool.

Flossy enjoying the pool. 

Possum exhausted after his swim in the pool.

Sammy the Australian Sea Lion who likes to visit the Tanker Jetty for all the fishermens scraps. 

Esperance Tanker Jetty.  This view back to the shore was taken almost from the end. 

Beautiful Esperance beaches!

Observatory Point.  My Grandad put that rock on top of the hill.  The hill is actually a piece of land that juts out into the ocean with cliffs to the right and left of the picture.  The vegetation doesn't really show it.  My Grandad almost fell into the sea in his bulldozer putting the rock up there.

Esperance is such a beautiful place even the cruise ships come to visit.  This is the Athena docked for the day.  We watched the ship come in from the Tanker Jetty in the morning and then watched it leave from the deck of my Nana's house in the evening.

<3 Esperance!


  1. That painting looks so rich. When did your grandmother do it and how did they get it off her bedroom wall?

  2. The photo just doesn't do that painting justice. It is so rich IRL. I'm am guessing that my Great Grandmother much have painted that painting when my Mum was only a little girl. Perhaps 50 years ago. Her home was demolished about 25 years ago to make way for a carpark! As the house would have been made from asbestos (i'm thinking) or some other compressed board i guess they just cut it out of the wall first.


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