Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Favourite Pencils

I'm sure everyone picks up some new stationary at the beginning of the school year and we are no exception.  With my big order from Rainbow Resources i picked up some Lyra crayons.  They are just lovely!  So smooth to use and don't break.  Well worth the expense.

Whilst on holiday in Esperance i strolled into the local toy store looking for a little treat for all of the kids and right there on the counter they had Lyra Groove graphite pencils.  I had never seen them before and decided to pick up 3 as they looked great and the Lyra crayons had been so lovely.

Well, i am in love.  They are my favourite pencils!  The kids love them.  They are so easy to write with.  They feel lovely in your hand.  I am sold.  We will be switching to the Lyra Groove coloured pencils when they next need replacing.


  1. Do you find that your children who are accustomed to a smooth pencil have a hard time adjusting to the grooves?

  2. My kids have never had pencils with grooves before and they are not having any troubles. The grooves are at the perfect place for resting your fingers comfortably. It's almost like having a built in pencil grip.


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