Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Miracle Babies Foundation Picnic

On Sunday we went to the inaugural Miracle Babies Foundation picnic for NICU and SCU graduates. It was a wonderful day, beautiful weather and location. The kids had plenty to do with the fire truck and bouncy castle being star attractions. They also enjoyed the face painting and for an amateur, the lady did an awesome job! Santa was also a hit :)

Glasses off while the paint dries.

I think Bugsy has found himself a new career path. He'd now like to be a fireman! He really enjoyed chatting to the firemen and being shown all of the equipment and how it all worked. They were wonderful with the children and more than happy for them to touch and try everything.

I can't help but plug the major sponsor of the event, Sutherland Rose.

I'm currently in the process of becoming a volunteer for Miracle Babies Foundation and hopefully in the coming 12 months i can be a valuable member of the WA team.
Rusty and Possum enjoying the festivities.

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