Sunday, November 27, 2011

How will school work for us in 2012?

Loosely my plan is to do content subjects after circle time, first up in the morning so we all have a bit of fun and get the wiggles out.  I know the morning is the most productive part of the day both for the kids and myself but i find i really need the patience to get through the content subjects and by the time afternoon hits my patience is waning for anything group related.

Monday - Science
Tuesday - Literature
Wednesday - Fine Arts
Thursday - History
Friday - Geography

I have early risers and most morning we are ready to get started around 8am so i would think we will be finished with content subjects around morning tea, approx 10.30am.  Then we will move into Maths and Language Arts.  Hopefully we will get in a hour or so before lunch so that we only have another hour at the most after lunch.

At this point I still see it as very reasonable that we will be finished by lunch or 1pm on most days thus allowing plenty of play time :)  I think in 2012 i will be a little more precious with my time, not booking swimming lessons or other regular activities in the morning time slot.  School just doesn't work well when you have been out all morning and try to get into it after lunch.

I realise that we will only hit those content subjects once per week, but we will go deep during that time.  We also school pretty much year round so hit somewhere around 45 - 47 school weeks.  Taking both of those into consideration i am not at all concerned about not spending enough 'time' on the content areas.

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  1. Sounds like a great plan! I also start losing patience in the afternoon---I just want to be done!


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