Saturday, November 26, 2011

Alphabet Poem by Flossy

We have The Poetry Pad and have used a couple of the prompts for writing poems over the last year.  Today Flossy worked on an Alphabet Poem.  We didn't follow the prompt exactly as we have already done one Alphabet Poem 'by the book' so i allowed some free reign.  Here is what she wrote.

B is for book,
as in storybook,
with characters such as Captain Hook.
Then there are books that give you looks,
with words such as beach or bee.
So come and sit under a tree,
and read a book with me.

First we brainstormed subjects for the poem.  Then Flossy wrote a draft.  We edited it together then she typed it up on the computer herself.  After it was printed Flossy illustrated it.  Here is the final product.

I am really impressed with her effort on this task today.  Flossy is generally very resistant to writing for school, but will happily write letters to friends, short notes, shopping lists etc.  Today she had a great attitude toward her work and the final product reflected that.  Language is her strong suit and she has a lot of potential.  I really look forward to seeing what the future holds in this area for her.

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