Friday, June 24, 2011

Rainy Day Fun

Generally the kids spend the entire afternoon outside playing but on a rainy day we pull out some games. Our favorites include Castle Logix, Pirates Hide & Seek, Sort n Shapes and Animal Lotto.

Chicky playing Sort n Shapes. This is the first time she has really got what the game is all about. Another developmental milestone!

Flossy playing Castle Logix. Everyone LOVES Castle Logix, even Russ and I.

Bugsy busy with Pirate Hide & Seek. This game is quite challenging. Bugsy is easily frustrated and doesn't last long but today he managed to keep it together and persevere through quite a few of the challenges.

Busy, but quite kiddos while Possum naps :) Hopefully tomorrow the sun will return and they will be back outside on the tramp.

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