Friday, June 17, 2011

Home Oxygen for Possum

Possum's last sleep study revealed that he has oxygen saturations that are too low whilst he is asleep at night so he has been put on home oxygen. What does that mean?

Boc deliver medical oxygen to our house once a month. Every night we connect the nasal cannular up to the regulator on the bottle and a measured dose, in this case 250ml per minute is delivered all night. In the mornings we disconnect him and remove the nasal cannular.

Here is Possum taped up ready for bed.

Because we are removing the cannular daily we have put duoderm on his checks to protect them. We then use fiximul to tape the cannular down. The fiximul is removed daily and the duoderm as needed. We have also trimmed the nasal prongs as they were just too long for his little nose.

He has adjusted very well to having his prongs in. He sucks his fingers and thumb and didn't really like the prongs being in his way the first night but has settled easily since then. Babies really are very adaptable.

At this point we are hoping that he will come off night oxygen sometime in the spring.

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