Thursday, June 16, 2011

Family Update


She has been busy working hard on school. She saw the eye Dr again a couple of weeks back and there has been no change on that front. She will continue to patch for 2 hours per day, her script remains the same.


He been a very boisterous boy recently and is struggling with self control, but he is getting there. His reading is coming along in leaps and bounds.


She has had a couple of head colds over the last month or so. Thankfully she has managed to keep her germs to herself and no one else has got sick. She loves to sit at the table and draw.


He has cracked 6kg now and is just moving into OO clothing. He recently had a sleep study to check on his apnoeas and it revealed that he continues to have low oxygen saturation overnight so he has now been placed on night oxygen. His hearing has recently been tested too as we were concerned that he may be deaf. The testing revealed that he has moderate low frequency hearing loss mostly likely caused by a fluid build up in his ears, so he will be having grommets put in later in the year which will hopefully fix his hearing problem. He is a happy baby and loves to play with his toys on the mat.

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