Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rusty at the Aussie Indoor Bowls Championships

Rusty is away at the moment competing in the Australian Mens Indoor Singles Bowls Championships. He is one of 3 representatives from our state competing against a total field of 32 men. Here are some links to pics of him in action. He won this game, the first round so has made it through to the round of 16. Waiting to hear the results from day 2, go Rusty!!

ETA - All the links I provided were wrong :( Bowls Australia changed all their files around after I spent hours locating the ones of Rusty (there were hundreds!). I don't have the energy to do it all again so I've just removed the links.


  1. Are the links meant to be pics of Rusty specifically or just the tournament in general? If it's the former, he seems to have morphed into an elderly woman in a couple ;)

  2. Thanks Pam. Yes, they were supposed to be of Rusty. I painstakingly went through and picked the ones of him and it would appear Bowls Aust have now changed them! Grrr! I will have to remedy.


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