Sunday, August 1, 2010

Playschool Activities 2

Chicky LOVED her draws last week! I have decided to rotate some of them weekly which will give her a good opportunity to try each of the draws over the week. It will also let me see which ones she is drawn to and which she passes on.

So, what's in the draws this week?

Draw 1 is pattern blocks (same as last week).

Draw 2 is pom-pom motor skill activity (same as last week).
Draw 3 is a counting and motor skill activity. There are 12 'eggs' (pingpong balls) to put in and out of the egg carton. If Chicky feels inclined she can also match the colours up as there are 6 of each. I will number the 'eggs' as soon as I find my Sharpie.

Draw 4 is a counting activity. Each cup is numbered and there are just the right number of pop sticks. The plan is to work with 3 cups in the beginning and build up to 10 as she becomes competent over the next few months.
Draw 5 is a threading activity. A pipe cleaner and 5 beads with small openings.
Draw 6 is Play-Doh with 3 animal shapes and a small cutting knife.

1 comment:

  1. This is a great idea. I'm using something similar with my 3yo daughter. She seems to enjoy it.


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