Sunday, August 8, 2010

Playschool Activities 3

Another week, another set of Playschool draws. Here is what's install for Chicky this week.

Draw 1 Wedgits.

Draw 2 motor skills activity. There are dried split peas in the container on the left. Chicky can spoon them into the smaller containers on the right and back again.

Draw 3 animal match game. Each of the pieces face down has an animal picture which matched the main board. This is from a Galt Animal Lotto game.

Draw 4 build a bug. This is from the game Beetle, the pieces fit together like a puzzle.

Draw 5 activity 1 from Kumon Colouring Book. More to come on these books, I love them! This will be a completely new activity for Chicky but I am sure she is up to it. She likes to draw and has her pencil grip down so we will see how she goes.

Draw 6 a 12 piece Bananas in Pyjamas puzzle.

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