Tuesday, August 10, 2010


These 2 books are my absolute favourite pre-handwriting books! Both Flossy and Bugsy have worked through these before moving onto formal handwriting books and now it is time for Chicky to start.

We begin with the colouring book. It has the child colour a small part of a larger picture then draw a line from a dot to a star navigating some obstacles. By the time we are about halfway through the colouring book they are generally ready to add in the Tracing book which focuses on having the child draw within lines to make shapes like circles and diagonal lines.


  1. How would I know if Zia was ready for these? Her pencil grip is pretty good, but she has that "I don't see the point of complying" attitude. Not yet? Or maybe she isn't the sort of kid who does Kumon workbooks?

  2. That is a great question Rosie. So far with my kiddos i have watched for them drawing with purpose. Trying for straight lines, circles, people etc. I have always made a point of correct grip right from the first time i hand over a crayon. To a certain point the child does need to comply with your instructions especially when you want them to draw the line and avoid the obstacles, but it shouldn't be a power struggle. That to me would say the child isn't ready. I actually cut up my books so that i can take it one page at a time. That way if they truly are not ready i just don't get out anymore until they have made some advancement. Part of the Kumon method is ending on a positive note with the child wanting a little more. That way they are keen the next time around.


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