Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weekly Report 17/7 - 23/7

Chicky has been unwell over the weekend which resulted in an overnight hospital stay. She is on the mend now. I have a head cold so am not at my best either.

This week we did things a little differently trying to catch up a bit on our content areas which have slipped behind over the past few weeks where we have been out and about so much. Hopefully things will settle down a bit for us now!

Flossy -
Completed SL Sci W10
Read, discussed & narrated SOTW1 Greece's War with Persia
Read, discussed & narrated SOTW1 The Greek's fight each other

Flossy -
Read, narrated, drew Paddle-to-the-Sea C5
Completed SL Sci W11 D1&2
Read, discussed & narrated SOTW1 Philip & his son

Flossy -
Read, discussed & narrated SOTW1 Alexander's Invasions
Completed SL Sci W11 D3&4
Completed MO T-5, T-6, T-7
Completed letter to penpal

Flossy -
Completed MO T-7a, T-8, T-8a
Read, discussed & narrated SOTW1 The Death of Alexander
Completed SL Sci W12

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