Saturday, July 24, 2010

Playschool Activities

Whilst planning out school for next year I have been seriously thinking about Chicky and where she is at. I can see that she is going to require some one on one instruction (soon) in the same way the Bugsy did when he was ready to step up from toddler to little scholar :p Something seems to happen in my house right around birthday 3!

Whilst pondering all of this someone posted a thread on TWTM looking for manipulatives to keep their toddler happy/busy whilst they did school. I took a gander at that thread and found a link to this blog post, a blog I used to follow when Bugsy was smaller.

So I was inspired! And here is what I have set up for school on Monday for Chicky. It only took a few minutes.

This is the Ikea Trofast draws I chose to set up in.

Draw 1 has pattern blocks. There are plenty more designs under the fish.

Draw 2 has a little art & craft. 1 sheet of paper, 3 block crayons, 1 glue stock, 10 pre-punched hearts & 10 pre-punched flowers.

Draw 3 has bead threading.

Draw 4 has Wedgits.

Draw 5 has a motor skills activity. You use the spoon to transfer the pompoms from the container to the ice-cube tray and back again. To take it one step further you can colour match as you go. Chicky wouldn't leave this one alone when I set it up. Obviously tickled her fancy.

Draw 6 Play-doh with geometric shapes and a small cutting knife.

I will leave her to choose which activities she would like to do and for how long. The only one she will need supervision for is the art & craft. Can't wait to see how it goes!


  1. I love the workbox style ideas! She will have so much fun (and hopefully be occupied while you are schooling!). I should do more of this with my girls. I love workboxes! Oh, and do your drawers come right out? Or will she have to pull the bits and pieces out?

  2. She was so excited to have her own school boxes! The draws do come right out so she can carry them to the table or floor to work on which means everything is easily contained and put away at the end. My plan is to leave them for a week and change to something fresh at the weekend.

  3. do the pattern blocks have cutouts for the shapes or is it a flat surface? Where do you get them? I just organised out play room with trofast. I think they're great, and if Belle wants to play with her lego in the loungeroom, she can dring the whole drawer out.

  4. I love Trofast too!! The pattern blocks just sit ontop of the wooden boards with images on them. All the kids love them. Flossy & Bugsy like to freeform with them now too. I will send you a link :)


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