Friday, June 4, 2010

Weekly Report 29/5 - 4/6

Still recovering from the head colds and a trip to the city we had a quiet day.

We planted out half of our winter garden with broccoli, cauliflour, beetroot and rhubarb.

House organising day. After leaving everything because we were sick last week it was time to get everything back in order.

We had a wonderful morning meeting some new homeschooling families in a nearby town. They have a once a month activity morning with a shared lunch. The kids enjoyed the activities and loved meeting new people. I can see this being part of our regular schedule.

Together -
Read aloud Kangaroo story (Virtue)
Read aloud Ask Mr Bear
Read aloud Crictor
Read aloud C1 My Poppers Penguins
Read aloud C2 Paddle-to-the-Sea

Flossy -
Completed MO E-13, E-14, E-15
Completed AAS2 S25 Teaching
Completed WWE1 W12 D3&4

Bugsy -
Completed MO D-1
Completed L46 100EZ
Worked on AAS1 S7 5 words

Chicky -
Worked on L3 100EZ

Together -
Read aloud St George and the Dragon (Virtue)
Completed C1 Minimus
Completed ALGF L3 maths
Attended a homeschooler picnic at a great playground which was new to us. Met some lovely ladies and kids who we will hopefully catch up with again soon.

Flossy -
Completed AAS2 S25 Spelling YAY! Level 2 complete :)
Completed WWE1 W13 D1&2

Bugsy -
Worked on L47 100EZ
Completed AAS1 S7 4 words
Completed MO D-2

Chicky -
Butterfly colouring in

Together -
Read aloud Okapi (Virtue)
SSL c3
Read aloud This is My Family
Read aloud Make Way for Ducklings
Read aloud The Greek News
Read aloud Blinky Bill C2
Play doh

Flossy -
Completed MO E-16, E-17, E-18, E-19
Completed WWE1 W13 D3&4
Completed SL Sci K W8 D1&2

Bugsy -
Completed MO D-3
Worked on L47 100EZ
Worked on AAS1 S8 review

Chicky -
Colouring in

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  1. I'm glad everyone is feeling better this week. It's also wonderful that you've found a homeschool group to enjoy.


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