Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hand Hygiene

With winter rapidly approaching here and the cold and flu season already started it's important to refresh ourselves and our children on the importance of good hand hygiene.  Research shows there is a significant reduction in the transfer of 'germs' when good hand hygiene is implemented.  Having a child who has compromised respiratory function (Possum) makes it doubly important to our family.

Here is an article on the importance of hand washing and a guideline on when to wash.

Here is the poster that we have in our bathroom to remind everyone of the correct way to wash your hands.

We also have antibacterial hand lotion available on the kitchen counter at all times.  Whilst we use it regularly it is no substitute for hand washing.  If your hands are soiled they must be washed and dried properly to thoroughly remove germs.

I hope this has prompted you to remind your own children about the importance of good hand hygiene.

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