Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Year 2

Learning areas, curricula and resources for Year 2 (7yo) to be addressed in a formal manner -

MATH - drawing from
Professor B math
Rightstart math games
Activities for the AL Abacus
Kumon Word Problems

All About Spelling
Writing With Ease
Michael Clay Thompson Island Level
Shared reading :
  • Chronicals of Narnia
  • Little House Series
  • The Jungle Book
  • Parables from Nature
  • Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare
  • The Secret Garden
  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
  • Through the Looking Glass
  • 50 Famous Stories Retold
  • Black Beauty
  • The Adventures of Robin Hood
Story of the World Vol 2 (Medieval)
Story of the World Activity Guide
Supplemental reading (Book basket) :
  • Otto of the Silver Hand
  • Canterbury Tales
  • Beowulf the Warrior
  • Marco Polo for Kids
  • Joan of Arc
  • Days of Knights
  • Knight at Dawn
  • Viking Ships at Sunrise
  • Story of Islam
  • Good Queen Bess
  • Ancient Celts
  • Galileo
  • Who Were the Vikings?
  • Muslim Child
  • The Miracle of Saint Nicholas
  • Knight
  • The Girl Who Lost Her Smile
  • Viking Tales
  • Liang and the Magic Paintbrush
  • Baboushka and the Three Kings
  • Sundiata
  • The Orchard Book of Roman Myths
  • Favorite Celtic Fairytales
  • Bard of Avon
  • What were Castles for?
  • The Ch'i-Lin Purse
  • Indian Tales
Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding K-2
Going deeper where needed with Real Science Odyssey Life, Earth & Space and Chemistry
Snap Circuit 100

Getting Started with Latin
Logic & puzzle books
Violin (lessons plus The Violin Book Series)
Singing (Sing Books)


  1. LOL, I already had it filed under Year 1 draft plans and just bumped it along. It needs fleshing out, as does the new Pre-Primary plans but it is a start :)

  2. Awesome! What a busy little body she will be. It's such a nice snug feeling when you have the next year all planned out!

  3. So, very, glad to have it all planned out. I just need to complete the book basket lists and finish some notebooking pages and we will be good to go. Then i will start working on the Year 3 plans, LOL, well just the skeleton.


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